What's new?

With the current economy companies are trying to do more with fewer people.  For critical
projects consultants have been successfully used to fill temporary gaps.  It addition,
temporary executives are often used to fill strategic planning rolls or to help with manpower

Our most popular recent requests have been  :
Temporary Executives (CIO, VP or Directors)
Project and Program Managers
Business Analyists
Robark Overview

Robark Enterprises has been delivering products and consulting services since 1983.  Over
those years technology and business have changed drastically but Robark as evolved and
continued to lead business and technology directions for many clients.  

For further detail see the
About Us page.
What else do we do?

As Robark has worked with various clients, we have found various desirable products that we
are making available in our on-line store.  The products include restaurant guest checks,
bedding products, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items.  Please review our
product pages
for the latest offerings.
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